Unhinged Sample Chapter by A. G. Howard

Unhinged Front Cover (Amulet Books)

Unhinged Front Cover (Amulet Books)

If you read my previous review of Splintered by A. G. Howard, you already know that I love the character of Morpheus. So I’m wildly excited to see that the sample chapter for its sequel, Unhinged, features Morpheus and not Jeb. WHEEE!!!!!

Morpheus interrupts a particularly intimate moment between Jeb and Alyssa (that’s my boy!) to pull Alyssa into Wonderland…and looks damn fine while doing it, wearing a black duster coat, red suade pants, and a poet shirt with lacy cuffs. (I’m getting a cross between Captain Jack Harkness and Duran Duran, which is pretty close to perfection for an 80s freak. If you’re too young to have appreciated Duran Duran, go find the video for “Come Undone” and you’ll see what I mean. DO IT NOW!) Anyway..without giving away too many details from Splintered, Morpheus wants Alyssa to return to straighten Wonderland out. Some of the loose ends are ruining the land, and it falls to her to put things right.

Alyssa, of course, refuses because she wants to be with Jeb (because she’s crazy), so Morpheus threatens to come live in the real world instead. Which, from the description of Unhinged, seems to actually happen.

I am all but giddy over this delicious sample chapter, and wildly excited for this book. Mark your calendars: it is scheduled to release on January 7, 2014. I give just the sample chapter 10 out of 5 teacups. (Hey, I can do that…it’s my blog. )
Note: This review is based on a sample chapter provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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