Star Wars: Crucible By Troy Denning

I spent the last couple of weeks dealing with a nasty ear infection, but hopefully now I’m on the mend. Here’s a book I’ve been meaning to review for a while now: Star Wars: Crucible by Troy Denning.

Crucible Cover

Crucible Cover (LucasBooks/Random House)

When the world rocked with word of the sale to Disney and release of future movies, I (and undoubtedly many other Expanded Universe fans) thought: “Where will this fall in the timeline? Are they stopping production of the ‘future’ books so they won’t interfere with the movie storyline?” Maybe this book provides some answers.

THE PLOT: This book is mostly about “the big three” (i.e., Luke, Han, and Leia) on an adventure initially to help Lando with some pirating problems, but it’s actually a much bigger issue. They take lots of damage and struggle a lot with age issues (which seems very realistic at this point in the timeline), yet still remain the heroes we know and love. For those of you who read the last series Fate of the Jedi, Vestara is also integral to the plot, only with a new name.

MY TWO CENTS: I LOVED this book. It was a really easy read, and I just wanted to keep going with it until I was finished. It went down MUCH easier than the Fate of the Jedi series; I’m still only through 6 of 9 of those books. Forgive me, but I also liked that Jaina Solo and Ben Skywalker were basically sidelined for this entry. We NEEDED a book that was mostly the big three, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Is this the setup to “The big three are retired now until the movie?” Maybe; it would be a good move. And we still don’t know where in the timeline the new movies will be set. Will Jaina, Ben, and Allana be featured? If so, it’s a good idea to sideline them and their adventures for the time being, too. If this book was meant to be a temporary wrap-up, mission accomplished.

BOTTOM LINE: Read it, enjoy it. If you haven’t been following the Expanded Universe, I’d read this as a crash-course in what everyone is up to and some background on the newer characters.  (Vestara, PLEASE don’t get rehabed like Mara. You need to stay a villain, only worse.)

TEACUP RATING: Five teacups full to the brim of nice, spicy holiday tea. Lots of good but relatable action in this book.

Note: Review is based on an ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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