Awaken (Abandon Series #3) by Meg Cabot


Awaken Front Cover (Point/Scholastic)

Oh, Meg Cabot. I love you and I really, really wanted to love this series. When you first announced it, I was totally excited. I was a little disappointed in the first book, Abandon. I almost didn’t make it through the second, Underworld. And now that I’ve finished the series with Awaken…well, I just think of why I didn’t love it, where (in my opinion) it went wrong, and how I wish there was a do-over button.

THE PLOT: Readers who read the first two books in the trilogy will be looking for this book to tie up all loose ends. Fates versus Furies for the Underworld…and John Hayden, Cabot’s version of Hades. There’s also a wrap-up to the love story of John and Pierce, a modern-day Persephone.

MY TWO CENTS: Since the first book, I have felt that this series is simply too drawn out. It just really needed to be edited down to two books. In addition to filler and wordiness, it suffers from too little John Hayden and too many minor characters, like Pierce’s cousin Alex and her friend Kayla, and John’s “coworkers.” This book is especially slow in the first half. The first few pages are exciting; then there’s a lull; then it picks up for the second half to the finale.

NOTE TO TWEEN PARENTS: Please note that Pierce and John do have a sexual relationship. There is very little detail given, but it’s clear that Pierce is undressed and that the two have spent the night together. Maybe parents today won’t be as wigged out by this as my mother would be. She didn’t want me reading Judy Blume even after I’d hit puberty (sigh).

TEACUP RATING: I’m only giving this book 2 1/2 out of 5 teacups, with many apologies to Meg Cabot. And 1/2 of those teacups goes to Pierce’s whip.

Note: Reivew is based on an ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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